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Hospedería del Zenete

Enjoy some relaxing days and get profit from the activities we have for a complete unwind.


Enjoy a fascinating sport with your friends. Orienteering is a sport where participants have to get some check points in the less time possible with the only help of a map and a compass. If the time is an important factor it is known as “Orienteering race”.

There is something that makes this sport very special: the route between every check point is chosen by the participant, so is not only about speed; it is also about having a good orientation and knowing how to read maps and making decisions. It gets the slogan from here “run and think”.


Come with your friends, family or workmates, we can ensure paintball is a growing sport. On the battlefield you have to combine cleverness, patience, team spirit and a good strategy. We will give you marker gun, overalls, protecting mask, neck-cover and 100 paint bags (100% biodegradable). The game has different stages to erase the opponent team.

Arabic circuit in the spa

The circuit is formed by: lukewarm pool, hot pool, contrasts, Turkish bath, cold shower, river stones and stream water massage. It takes between one and a half hour and two hours. Nowadays is the most complete circuit you can find in Andalusia in medicinal water.
Price: €32

Special offer 4 days in the spa

4 immersion baths (pool or bath).
4 stream water massage or circular shower.
4 partial therapeutic massages (15 min).
4 saunas
Price: €132

Therapeutic massage in the spa

After multiactivity is the perfect moment for a massage.
Partial: €13
Full: €33


Zip line: 1 hour €30/person
Spiribol: 1 hour €3/ person
Mountain bike rental: 1 hour €12
half day €25
1 day €40
Archery: 1 hour €15/ person

4x4 route through troglodyte culture

This half journey will be dedicated to the caves. The route will pass by impressive areas in Guadix, viewpoints, little towns and a cave that was inhabited more than 250 years ago and keeps it authenticity. We will enjoy the different type of caves from the Nasrid époque to nowadays: Dovecotes in the caves, refugee caves, watchtowers, barn caves, etc. Around Guadix and Fin del Mundo Valley the landscapes will amaze you. Finally we will visit the artisans.
2 people: €60
4 – 10 people: €45

4x4 through Sierra Nevada

The most highlighting about this route is to combine the resources from Sierra Nevada:
Paths where the Granada Dakar took place.
Typical towns like Albuñan, Jerez, Alquife, Aldeire.
Exceptional views
Excellent vegetation in the surroundings, arid zones, though pines, almond trees and poplar grove.
Mines of Sierra Nevada: coper and iron mines.
Flour mills
Visit the Natural Space of Rosandrá to descend to the caves passing by the Calahorra Castle.
6 people (3 motorbikes + 4x4): €70
8 people (4 motorbikes + 4x4): €65
10 people (4 motorbikes + 4x4): €52

4x4 routes through Bad Lands and megalithic parks

This route has the greatest visual impact components in Europe from a desert to the mountain in 15 minutes. We will visit the megalithic park of Gorafe, deserts of the region and resources like Alicun Spa, country houses and poplar grove.
2 people: €60
4 - 10 pax: €45


Equine weekend: this program is dedicated to the clients (couples, singles, families or groups of friends) who want a weekend with accommodation and programmed activities.
Equine program:
• Short route for beginners. Only walk (1 hour: €25)
• Long route for beginners. Only walk (2 hour: €40)
• Short route for medium or advanced level (1 hour: €35)
• Long route for medium or advanced level (2-3 hours: €50)
• Complete day route for riders who can trot and gallop by themselves (€95 including picnic)
Equine getaway for couples:
1 night at the hotel with breakfast + 2-3 hours: €90 / hour
Equine weekend:
1 night at the hotel with accommodation and breakfast + walk Saturday evening and Sunday morning: €139/ person
Equine week:
6 nights at the hotel with accommodation and breakfast + 5 days equine route: €575 / person
Radial routes intermediate- advanced level:
6 nights at the hotel with accommodation and breakfast + 5 days equine route: €640 / person